La Semana Primera en Sevilla

I have officially been in Spain for one week now but it feels like years. Having to adjust to a 6-hour different time zone, eating meals 3 hours later than usual, and walking around a foreign city until you physically can’t bend your legs is a lot to ask out of one girl! However, I’ve been loving every minute of it.

So I know this is a food blog and most of the posts are restaurant reviews or recipes, but my time in Spain is worthy of documentation, and without any sort of kitchen other than a microwave and minifridge, my cooking endeavors will be limited. I can, however, rave about the food I’ve been eating for the past week at tapas restaurants.

Tapas, or small plates, are the way people eat in Spain. You start off your day with a piece of toast and some café con leche- my new drink of choice. You will then eat a hefty lunch of vegetables, potatoes, meats, cheeses- whatever you please at a restaurant- around 2 pm. Some of the most common tapas include tortilla española- a quiche-like egg dish filled with onions and potatoes, croquetas- fried balls of potato with either ham, fish or chicken, patatas bravas- fried potatoes covered in a creamy aioli and spicy red sauce, paella- a tradional rice dish with seafood and saffron, and montaditos- small sandwiches usually with ham and cheese. Lunch is always followed by dessert and a siesta, or nap time. Like little children!

Dinner is usually a smaller portion of tapas not eaten until 9:30 or 10. But after such a large lunch, you won’t be hungry until around then and won’t want anything big anyway. And that is how the Spaniards stay so thin; tapas and walking and LOTS of coffee.

Anyway, I haven’t really had a chance to photograph any of the food I’ve eaten and to be honest, tapas in America are much more flavorful, but hey, when in Sevilla, right? I’ve been seeing and photographing some other beautiful sights though. Here is a little taste:

Las Cetas, or the mushrooms

Bridge over the river

El Catedral

La Plaza de España

Gardens inside Alcazar


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