Paper Magazine’s Super (Duper) Market

Last weekend was the 1st annual Super Duper Market, a “three-day pop-up super-store featuring our favorite vendors, retailers and food fanatics from East Coast to West Coast selling their goods under one roof,” according to its host, New York’s very own Paper Magazine. I say “1st annual” because the event seemed so successful that I hope to be returning next year.

I attended the event on Saturday with my best friend, Lizzy, and a very empty stomach. ‘Twas a good thing, because I ate more food than a human should physically be able to digest… and that was just off samples. I’ve highlighted some of my favorite vendors from the event. May the drooling commence!

Nordic Breads (Long Island City) putting together tea sandwiches of Ruis whole grain rye bread, butter, cheese and cucumbers

A variety of flavors of Empire Mayonnaise (Brooklyn). I generally don’t care for mayonnaise (tip: I use greek yogurt in place in chicken, tuna and egg salad), but their truffle mayo was to die for. I could see myself using this on sandwiches, with crudités, or licking it right off the spoon.

The Salted Sailor S’more from S’more Bakery (NYC).  A cakey, shortbread-like graham cracker hugs a homemade vanilla bean marshmallow, toasted to order, coated in salty vanilla bean caramel sauce. Definitely not a traditional s’more but I loved it nonetheless.

Speaking of s’mores, I just had to create this before-and-after shot of the s’mores pie from First Prize Pies (NYC). This was the last item we bought before leaving the market, and I’m so glad we did. The crust was crumbly, buttery and sweet; the perfect vessel for a creamy, rich, decadent chocolate pudding filling, topped with toasted fluff. This was the epitome of a true s’more, in pie version. So sinfully delicious, and as full as we were, we gobbled it up (clearly).

Finally, I was so amazed by the flavor of Humphry Slocombe’s (San Francisco) chocolate and smoked sea salt ice cream that I forgot to take a picture of it. I also generally do not like chocolate ice cream (I know, such a crime) but this is the exception. The milky chocolate flavor had the perfect undertone of salty and smoky. I get it, chocolate and sea salt are the new peanut butter and jelly. But when you smoke that sea salt, it’s a totally different sensation, and I hope to be seeing more of this combination (and maybe even using it myself!). It’s a shame- or blessing in disguise, depending on how you look at it- that Humphry Sloccombe’s only has a storefront in San Francisco, or else I’d be buying this stuff by the bucket. Props to you, Mr. Slocombe.

So there you have it, an afternoon of indulgence at the Super Duper Market. I was happily full until Sunday, and came home with some great products and memories.


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