A Letter to NYC Restaurants

Dear New York City Restaurants,

Hello. My name is Lauren and I am a food blogger. While I have had some fabulous dining experiences spendng my summer in NYC, not all is fine and dandy in my book. Don’t get me wrong; I have eaten like a queen. I have experienced new flavors and textures that I am officially in love with (Momofuku’s Pork Buns, Devi’s Manchurian Cauliflower and Southern Hospitality’s Pulled Pork, to name a few) and have been reintroduced to some of my pastime favorites (Cafeteria’s Truffle Risotto and Mayahuel’s Croquetas bring me straight back to my time in Spain). However, being a food blogger, I am always thinking about my next post, which is where you, New York City Restaurants, pose a problem.

I have been braced with the curse of dim lighting. Lighting so dim, I can barely see the menu, let alone what I’m eating. I understand the appeal in the ambiance of dim lighting, but for a food blogger, it’s our worst nightmare. As the iPhone 4S has been ranked as one of the best cameras for food photography, that is what I use for most of my work. However, I am always forced to make that awkward decision to either turn my flash on and create a lightening bolt-like scene for the whole restaurant to stare at me, or to keep it off but have poor quality photos that require way too much editing… or no photos at all. Luckily, Instagram has aided lightening up dark photos with the “add sunlight” feature, but not enough to the point where your dim lighting can slide.

So please, New York City Restaurants, you are the food capital of America. You possess more amazing restaurants within a square mile than my hometown of Cleveland has altogether. Don’t lose your impeccable restaurant experience rep due to food bloggers’ complaints. And for the sake of all of us, please turn the lights on.

Yours Truly,



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