red velvet

Let me get my camera… oh, wait…

Everybody has that one friend who can be counted on to bring their camera out with them. No matter where you go, they are bound to whip out the small little metallic box and snap a photo of you, or ask a complete stranger to take one of the group. You know who I’m talking about in your group of friends, don’t you? Well, in my group of friends, I’m that person. “Lauren, get your camera out” is a phrase I hear all too often. Well, guess what, friends?! My camera is broken!!! Cry all you want, but I’m the one who really should be crying. I didn’t break it or drop it, and it is being replaced (it is at the camera doctor being fixed as we speak. Luckily, I bought insurance for my baby after five previous camera catastrophes. Yep, five.). I’m not upset that I can’t take pictures during a night out with the girls or at a cool summer concert, because having an internship this summer has basically prevented me from doing all the above. I’m upset because I can’t visually share all of my culinary creations that have taken place within the last week! For the first few weeks of summer, I was living in a complete hell hole. The blinds didn’t work, the sun woke me up at the crack of dawn, the bathroom managed to heat up to about 90 degrees, and, oh yeah, I had no kitchen. Trader Joe’s prepared meals were my BFF. Not that I really mind them, I’m just thankful to get away from thousands of grams of salt per serving and being able to cook again! But pack to my point, I haven’t been able to do my food justice with a camera phone, and I am not too accepting of a mediocre photo, especially that of food. So yes, I have been cooking and baking and life is back to normal. Unfortunately, I cannot share it will all you readers (yes, I know there are thousands of you out there). But if you’re wondering what I’ve been filling my tummy with, check out these links- photos included- and maybe try one for yourself! I’ve been really quite pleased with all of the baked goods, and there will be plenty more to come throughout summer.  (Insert cutesy photo here… I cry)

The most ridiculous Kitchen Sink Cookies of all time

Chocolate crinkle cookies

Red velvet cake with cream cheese- mascarpone frosting (I made mini cupcakes. They were adorable)

Meatless Monday creamy lemon pasta with zucchini and tomatoes (I added broccoli)

Mixed berry and rhubarb jam

I also had this amazing jar of Tikka Masala sauce that I was using with cauliflower, zucchini, chicken and brown basmati rice but it fell out of my fridge and shattered and I cried. Not really. I’m just being dramatic (if you couldn’t tell).

Nom nom nom nom nom

Sigh. Only four more weeks to go!